2022 N26 Annual Team Offsite
Photo credit: Kai Heuser

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I'm a design lead specializing in crafting systematic brand identities and experiences.

Currently at N26's in-house Creative Studio, I collaborate across teams to bridge the gap between brand and product, and deliver a unified digital banking experience loved by users.
        With a diverse career spanning design studios and clients worldwide, I hold a BFA in graphic design from California College of the Arts. I've also pursued post-graduate research, including d.MBA and The New Normal programme at Strelka Institute for Design, Media and Architecture
        Originally from Jordan, I've lived, studied, and worked across Beijing, California, Moscow, Dubai, and Berlin. This cosmopolitan background fuels my curiosity for understanding how communication patterns shape consumer interaction and behavior.
        Creating cultural resonance is at the heart of my work, whether through commercial collaborations or self-initiated projects like micro.radio. Currently, I'm exploring an easier, faster and much more enjoyable path to go from Spotify playlists to the DJ decks. Interested in collaborating? Let's connect!