Brand Guidelines Refresh

The N26 brand has evolved throughout the years, from an early disruptor to one of Europe’s leading digital banks. With a brand that is ever evolving, the guidelines have always had to keep up. Since the last revision in 2021, N26 established new local social channels, sharpened its brand strategy, introduced new marketing personas and launched a new tagline.

There are now more people with their hands (and eyes) on the brand than ever, from in-house designers, to freelancers, creative agencies and content creators. For brand recognition and consistency, the stakes have never been higher.
In collaboration with: Lee Chapdaniel, Jade Bae, Shikma Sharon, Chris Poots, Kai Heuser, Pierre du Plessis, Robert Plagge, & Alicia Kowol. 

Simultaneously narrating and expressing the brand.

We aimed not only to narrate but also to embody N26's refined brand strategy and tagline. Departing from traditional passive running headers, we integrated them directly into the content, allowing them to seamlessly blend with the page headlines. At times, these headers exuded N26's brand personality, injecting a touch of wit and vibrancy into the guidelines.

Designed to browse.

Our design approach centered on the principle of "show, don't tell." Recognizing that lengthy text in guidelines often goes unread, we opted for a visual-first approach.

Therefore we used less words and more visuals to communicate, treating the document itself like an artifact of the brand’s personality. 

Empowering  eveyone, not only creatives.

To ensure our brand communication materials were easily available not only for creatives, we built a series of internal G-slide deck templates available for everyone at N26 to use.