Shaping the culture of music in Amman was a hybrid, Amman-based community platform dedicated to exploration and discovery. Consisting of a multi-channel online broadcast, and a physical studio space at the heart of Jordan’s capital Amman, the platform explored music, culture and the city through the lens of a new generation, unbound by genres of methods.

“One of the few online stations in the region with a physical studio, launched in Amman in December 2019. Since then, they've hosted regular broadcasts, and their ‘Live Friday’ shows have become popular among the growing community of Amman music lovers, functioning as a safe space for artists to perform.”


“ versucht, die diversen Interessen einer jungen Generation abzubilden, die sich von der etablierten jordanischen Medienlandschaft nicht vertreten fühlt. Gesendet wird mittlerweile fast rund um die Uhr, nahezu ausschließlich auf Englisch.”


The Swearky Sisters debut DJ set on #LiveFriday.

Not just another online radio station.

What is a radio station like in a hyper-connected age? How can we utilize new tools to provide that special moment of everyone listening to the same thing at the same time? How can we build a platform that will sustain talent throughout the trends? These are examples of questions that directed my co-founder Sharaf Saleh and I through establishing 


Core to our presence, the studio gathers people in one space that provokes conversations, inspiration, and ideas. The space also provides access to recording equipment that encourage enthusiasts to explore and materialize their interests.

Seasonal Programming

Our programming is finite and responsive in nature, acting as a method to document and react to specific moments we, as a community, are going through. We launched the station with one show called ‘Live Friday’. It was a weekly audio-visual stream active from January 2019—October 2020 that in total showcased over 100 acts and talks. Another prominent program was 6 Hours of Discovery, an online broadcast featuring another platform from around the corner and around the world.

Offline Pop-ups & Events 

We actively collaborate with local venues, promoters, and other platforms to organize unique listening experiences that extend the reach of our mission.

An adaptive, bi-lingual visual identity designed to showcase. 

The ambition to adapt English and Arabic at equal volume set a clear starting point: typography. This sparked a meticulous process of search and experimentation to find two fonts that not only work together, but also convey an edge. It didn't matter what the complete identity looked like, as long as it’s equipped with good typography, the spirit can be brought to life. Everything else evolved along the way.

#LiveFriday schedule artworks.

Schedule artworks showcase photographs and videos captured by locals.